Just how smart is smart these days?

So lisa and i are still buying our house. its a long processes where you
dont know whats going on.  So its a lot of fun and money.  right this
minute im sick of everything, all these computers and geek talk.

as i was typing this my realtor called.  She hasnt heard whether the
sellers are going to pay for half of a new roof. but said that people are
at the place fixing the dry rot found in the pest report.  So its good to
hear that something is going on.  I just hope everything works out by the
18th of decmeber so we can move in.  Its seems like Golden One (our
lender) is the one dropping to ball currently.  The realtor hasnt heard
form the appraisal person.

so the last assult weapons/ hi capacity magazines gun show in sacto is
this weekend.  Tonight theres a ding dang show at press club and a party
before the show at bills.
                     Boy, 9, Set on Fire Outside School
    CHESTER, Pa. (AP) - A woman who was videotaped buying 85 cents worth
   of gasoline was charged today with dumping it on a 9-year-old boy and
                setting him on fire as he walked to school.
     The boy, Vincent Williams, was expected to be released today from
                       Crozer-Chester Medical Center.
    Vincent was attacked Thursday morning outside Weatherill Elementary
                    School, where he is in fourth grade.
     Authorities said he avoided serious injury when he remembered his
    ``stop, drop and roll'' training, ripping off his jacket and rolling
    on the ground to quell the flames. He then walked to the principal's
        office, where officials calmed him down and called for help.
    His coat, hat and book bag were ``burned to ashes,'' said principal
                                Marion Lane.
       Kelly Chapman, 33, of Chester was arraigned today on reckless
   endangerment and various assault charges. Police said she was arrested
   on the basis of eyewitness reports and a surveillance videotape from a
   nearby gas station that showed her buying fuel and leaving with it in
                                a container.
    Police said Chapman and the boy did not know each other and Vincent
                     did nothing to provoke the attack.
      Vincent was burned on the back of his head and around his ears.
      Authorities said it helped that he was dressed in layers, which
                protected much of his body from the flames.