I think im blowing off doing todays page again.  I did it once and it got
erased and it pissed me off and its really cold in this building.

Ive just been reading about all the gun bans and gun control that is
getting stronger with the colorado shooting stuff and it sucks.  I read
about atleast 3 bills that support gun owners that have been dropped in
the last two days just because some kids killed people.  Ive been reading
about how people are tyring to blame everything and ban everything that is
realated to these kids.  What if these kids were jocks? would school stop
sports because it would remind other kids about the shooting? probably
I owned a black trench coat in high school, played d and D, listened to
anti- govt punk rock and i never killed anyone.  I guess i didnt pay
enough attention to the violent video games i played and missed the secret