I hope you'all dont get all pissy about not haveing a -back to previous page- link, because i know you'all have a browser that has a back button.

So I am typing this as i am getting paid to work for the state of california. Im the lowest paid state worker next to a student assistant. I am an intern. Since i dont get paid much and am a fast worker i can get a days worth of work complete in a couple hours and goof off the rest of the time. Since it is the first work day after xmas, none of my boss-type people are here to bug me so i can type a lot. I have got really good with the alt-tab switching to cover up my goofing off.


You can find out a little more about me on my home page - . I' ll tell you this, tho. I am into guns, video games, tropical fish and punk music (in that order currently). I just complete building my first AR-15 (i had to buy one before 1999 because i fear a assult-weapon ban coming on, and dont want to be stuck saying 'i should have got it in december'). The ar-15 is the 11th (i think) gun in my collection. Here i'll count them out for yous: 1)12 gauge sears robuck shotgun, 1)12 gauge old crappy stevens single shot shotgun, 3)japanese model 38 bolt action 6.5mm WWII rifle, 4)8mm vz-24 czech bolt action WWII era rifle, 5)1918 No. 1 Mark III* Lee-enfield WWI era bold action .303 british rifle, 6) some semi auto 22lr that always jams, 7) a pump action 22lr rossi gallery, 8) my new home build AR-15 with bushmaster lower, 9) my 38 special 1941 special sevices issued Smith and Wesson revolver, 10) a 1903 model colt 32 semi auto and last but not least 11) my grandfathers service side arm - a 1911 Colt 45acp semi-suto pistol. Enough about gun for a minute, now video games. I like the new Zelda games on N64 a lot, its really good. Turok 2 is a great 4 player game because it looks good and you get to hunt a monkey (or be the monkey). And the game that Lisa gave me for xmas, the WCW/NWo revenge. Its good because if 3 people are playing at once you can all beat up the fourth guy with bats and garbage cans. You can just keep beating him til his meter says 'danger' then laugh and beat him more. Then he'll get up to try and fight you but all three people just beat him down more. And when you get you face busted you look all stunned and get bloody. And when you get hit in the balls you role around on the ground holding them for a while. Ahh what a life.

So i just talked to Lisa (my girlfriend who i live with) she said my NRA cap came today. Man i can only dream what it looks like. The firing pin to my AR-15 hasnt come yet even though i was suppsed to get it like a week ago. So im a little annoyed because Steve Mar is supposed to come up from the bay area and stay here a few days and go shooting with us. But if i dont have a firing pin i will not because to shoot my AR-15. What a life. OOps i used that last paragraph.

So why am i Dave Ninja? Because thats my first name i was born with. My parents were part of the Dave Army program where parents named dave had to name their first born males dave. It results in much confusion but not much name spelling (like tori spelling?). The daves i know: me, Dave smith, dave downey, dave sea-pig, my dad, lisa's dad, lisa's brother, dave smiths dad (i dont actually know him, in the biblical sence). So at holidays and get-to-get-hers there is much confision, which i survive (and not make much more of an ass of myself than normal) by not paying attention to anything. The master at not paying attention is Bill. You can read about him in you local library or there is a link from dave smiths page ( Bill never pays attention to anything he'll sit and do something during a movie and near the end goes, 'wait, whats going on?' or 'whos that guy.' But, alas, Bill is going to move to San jose to become a prefessional fighter/math-guy at san jose state. He never signed up to transfer from sacramento state to san jose state (these are univerisitys) so he'll proabbly end up living in san jose and takeing classes in sacto but never go to the classes.

Man, its easy to ramble on and type dumb stuff. Lisa and I recorded Face Off the movie from free HBO last night. She hasnt seen it but i have. I saw it when i was stationed in Cedar City, Utah last summer for a geology field camp. Trevor and i would always say 'that title has two meanings, 1) they face off and 2) they get their faces taked off and then they face off, Its a two for one deal!!!' utah is nice because the govt owns like 85% of the land so you can shoot anywhere. the water sucks tho. This resulted in a month of diarehha and pepto. I would take pepto everyday. It really does make you poop black after a while. The worst experience was at Parajon Gap. We were mapping an area and then i felt it coming on. Luckily my partner carried tolit paper so i grabed it, threw dowm my stuff, and started running to try and get out of the mapping area. I didnt want the people who thought i was a freak already (because all we sacto guys ever was play goldeneye 007 on nintendo 64 and i got an ID to buy guns and only would drink Scaffers 3.2) see me squirt the poopy water out of my butt. So i made it to a small tree (it was in a desert area, there arent many trees around) and squated and did my business. Then when i was wiping i heard some people up on the hill by me. I thought ' man i hope they dont see me wiping my butt' so i finished and threw the paper in the black pile of semi-solids and threw some rocks on it. hten i checked my boots, man it would have sucked to get that on my boots. I smelt bad enough already, since i wore the same cloths everyday.